Securing your results

The braces are off! The aligners have done their job. What now?

The most crucial and important part of your treatment commences now. Your teeth will always want to move and change their positions – it is a dynamic process – for the exact same reason, we are able to treat them orthodontically, and this is an ongoing process.

We have acknowledged this as a fact of life and have accepted that Retainers are here to stay. Our experience allows us to advice you on how and how long time your retainers should be a part of your life.

The retainers made individually for you, will retain the great results you have achieved from your hard work. We recommend having your teeth and your retainers inspected by an orthodontist on a regular basis. This will hopefully prevent any unexpected problems especially with relapses. 

Not so few patients who have been through a tedious orthodontic treatment are terminated by their regular orthodontist when they turn 18 years or after the agreed control period. Currently, it is unfortunately unknown how many of these patients have their retainers and teeth inspected by a specialist. However, we experience a growing number of patients with retainer and relapse problems due to lack of a stable and secure affiliation with a specialist. 

OrthodonticsCPH offers inspection of retainers after a terminated treatment for our own patients and other patients who may need it.

retainers to keep your results secure

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