Invisalign, clear aligners

A very popular and almost completely invisible way to correct your teeth. Very appropriate for minor corrections which may even take less time.

Fixed appliances

Traditional braces is the right choice if you want your teeth corrected in the most efficient and effective way.

Tooth fixed appliances

This is the perfect solution for you, should you prefer aesthetic braces with discretion.

Invisible fixed appliances

This is the perfect choice for you should you wish hidden braces placed on the backside of your teeth – a more strenuous treatment.


Retainers are a crucial part of finalizing an orthodontic treatment. They will ensure that you maintain the achieved results that you have earned.

Before and after

It may be difficult to imagine what an orthodontic treatment can do for you.
Have a look at a selection of different treatments we offer.

Open bite in the front

Missing tooth from birth

Smiling with too much gum – Gummysmile

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