Between 0-15 years of age

Did you know that you have the right to choose your own private dentist/orthodontist when you're between 0-15 years of age?

Fed up with extraoral traction and metal braces?!

Fed up with a waiting list at the municipal clinic?

Get your teeth fixed with invisible braces.

Children and adolescents between the age of 0-15 years, have the right to recieve their dental and orthodontic care in private practice. This subsidized treatment may only be initiated if it meets the need to treat criteria of the National Board of Health of Denmark.

Rettidig behandling for unge mellem 0-15 år
Gør brug af fritvalgsordningen for unge mellem 0-15 år

The right to choose freely applies for the entire dental care package – for example the general dental care and orthodontic care.

For the families who choose the private sector, 65% of the treatment costs approved and reimbursed by the municipality.

The advantages of choosing us:

  • Possibility to combine a treatment with the type of braces that fits your individual needs (e.g. tooth colored braces instead of regular metal braces or even aligners).
  • Wider selection of treatment options
  • More influence and empowerment
  • We are a multilingual clinic with english as our second language
  • Immediate initial consultation and treatment.
  • We are open on saturdays