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Before and after

Open bite in the front

Upper jaw incisors and the lower jaw incisors do not overlap. This makes it difficult for food to be shredded. In this case, the side teeth prevent the overlap in the front, so the problem is addressed in the side teeth first. Notice the Titanium screws (TADS) - in the lower jaw and between the roots.

  • Before

  • After

Missing tooth from birth

The small and slim front tooth on the right side is built up from with plastic. The small left front tooth is completely missing and is replaced by a canine tooth. The space in between are closed by moving the molars forward at the left side.
  • Before

  • After

  • Before

  • After

Smiling with too much gum – Gummysmile

Overgrowth of the alveolar process may cause the gums to appear excessive and can be aesthetically annoying and very difficult to treat. With the help of special technology and thorough planning, this can be treated with a great result.
  • Before

  • After


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