About us

Our vision

OrthodonticsCPH would like to cover an increasing need and to give patients a forum where they can seek advice, guidance and treatment in a safe and professional environment in due time.

It is our experience that many patients who have previously received orthodontic treatment have a need for a place to check up on their retainers professionally.

In many cases, patients suspect that their teeth have moved in an undesired direction. Very often, the damage is done and it is regrettably too late. We have the skills and experience to prevent this negative progression. Prevention is the best treatment.

At OrthodonticsCPH we prioritize aesthetics and functionality highly. Our specialists in orthodontics provide foundation for a secure way to your perfect smile.

Safe treatment in experienced hands

Our professional team consists of:

Specialist in Orthodontics, Sornsiri Sae-Wang (Wang)

Wang has more than 13 years of experience as an orthodontist in both municipal and private practice and treats children, adolescents and adults at OrthodonticsCPH.

Wang also has experience as a senior instructor for future orthodontists at the school of dentistry at the University of Copenhagen postgraduate program.

Furthermore, Wang has worked as an orthodontist at Sorø Municipal Dentistry.

About the clinic

At OrthodonticsCPH we are specialists in tailor-made orthodontic treatments for both children, young people and adults.

We have professionalism, personality and honest communication placed at the forefront, which together form the framework for a fruitful collaboration that results in a good result for all parties.

That is why all our specialists have a high professional level, which ensures that you can sit back in the chair safely and worry-free while your wishes come true.

We can help you achieve your dream smile

Let’s help you!