About us

Our vision

OrthodonticsCPH would like to offer our patients an opportunity to seek professional advice and guidance in a safe invironment.

Assist our patients in achieving an estetic smile and a functional bite.

Assist our patients in maintaining the smile and the bite they have achieved. 

Prevent damange to teeth and the surrounding tissues in connection with the retention fase.

Our goal

Statisfied patients with an estetic smile and a funktional bite.

Om vores klink

At OrthodonticsCPH we prioritize aesthetics and functionality highly. Our specialists in orthodontics provide foundation for a secure way to your perfect smile.

Vores personale sikrer den bedste oplevelse

Safe treatment in experienced hands

Our professional team consists of.

Experienced orthodontists, oral maxillofacial surgeon and dentist.

Specially trained orthodontic dental hygienist.

Specially trained orthodontic dental assistant.

Wang, an orthodontist, has more than 22 years of experience as and orthodontist treating both children and adults.

Nearly 10 years experience as a senior instructor for the postgrauate course at the University of Copenhagen school of dentistry.

Special orthodontic consultant at serveral municipals throughout Denmark.

Former president of the Danish Society of Orthodontic Specialists.

About the clinic

About us

We have exsisted since 2018 and was situated in Østerbro, Copenhagen until 2019. 

The rapid increased of the patient flow and popularity gave us the opportunity to moved to a more spacious and acommodating domain at our present adress in Frederikberg, Copenhagen. 

The clinic is approxiamtely 400 m2 and consists of 8 dental units, offering orthodontic and surgical treatments. 

Our 25 staffmembers work from Mondays to Staturdays offering high quality services such as inhouse production of aligners, aligner treatments, fixed braces, combined fixed braces and aligner treatments, surgical treatments, digital work and printing for our patients.

We have currently 3 speciallists and 3 dentist affiliated to our clinic, ensuring a professional, honest and non-bias communication with our patients. We are convinced that this communication form is the most optimal path for our patients towards a safe and fulfilling result.

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