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Invisalign treatment with Clearli in Copenhagen

Discrete orthodontic treatment with clear aligners from Invisalign.

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Invisalign at Clearli

If you are considering an orthodontic treatment in a discrete, flexible, and comfortable manner without compromising your social life, a treatment with Invisalign could be the right fit for you.

OrthodonticsCPH and Clearli are collaborating in a clinic located in Copenhagen at Frederiksberg. We are cooperating to offer you Invisalign treatment based on a high level of expertise and to offer you an affordable price for your treatment.

OrthodonticsCPH and Clearli consists of orthodontics who are qualified to guide you in your quest for an optimal solution. We will make an effort and take great pride to help you, feel safe and secure in your journey towards a perfect smile.

Invisalign at Clearli

The first step towards your new smile is a free and “no strings attached” consultation with one of our orthodontists. Our objective is to give you a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs and to advice you on your options for an appropriate treatment should it be with traditional orthodontics or Invisalign.

Invisalign med forundersøgelse
Hvordan forløber en behandling med Invisalign

How does a treatment with Invisalign proceed?

Invisalign or clear aligners in general have gained great popularity over that past 10 years, due to its possibility to correct the teeth in a discrete and gentle manner and without attracting attention. The development of clear aligners and Invisalign has made it possible to bypass some of the disadvantages often associated with traditional braces for example minimizing treatment time.

At our clinic in Copenhagen, we offer you a free and “no strings attached” consultation with one of our orthodontists including a 3D-scan of your teeth.

Why choose Invisalign?

Almost invisible

Less discomfortable treatment compared to traditional braces

Optimal oral hygiene

Simple to remove for your convenience

Based on the 3D-scan, our orthodontists create a simulation segmenting the treatment into smaller steps, each step corresponding to a single Invisalign tray. The total number of clear aligners (trays) needed for a treatment is determined individually.

At OrthodonticsCPH and Clearli, the orthodontist has the full responsibility for all aspects of your treatment, including supervising, controlling and approving the work conducted by the technicians at the clear aligner supplier.

The orthodontists will apply their extensive professional expertise to evaluate your treatment options in accordance with your biological limitations. Thereby ensuring that an ideal, personalized secured treatment plan is developed with special attention to minimizing unnecessary use of grinding (IPR) between your teeth.

At OrthodonticsCPH and Clearli, we prioritize your needs for a secure and assured health when planning your treatment with you.

You will receive a set of personalized clear aligners at the beginning of your treatment, replacing the clear aligner trays every week will move your teeth towards our goal. 

Vælg Invisalign til tandretning

This will continue until every aligner tray has been worn. If, for example, your treatment consists of 20 clear aligner trays, you can expect your treatment duration to be approximately 20 weeks and if it requires 50 clear aligner trays, you can expect your treatment duration to be approximately one year.

To make sure the treatment is progressing as planned you will have to come for regular check-ups at our clinic in Copenhagen. At these check-ups, minor adjustments of your treatment will be made if necessary. This ensures your treatment progresses in the right direction and ultimately reaching the desired goal.

The clear aligners trays may be removed when needed but to achieve the most efficient treatment progress we recommend that you wear your clear aligners approximately 20-22 hours a day. Therefore, you should only remove the clear aligners trays when eating or drinking anything else but plain water. Moreover, it allows you to maintain your usual good oral hygiene.

Is an Invisalign treatment right for you?

Not all orthodontic problems are suitable to be treated with Invisalign.

We recommend that you take advantage of our offer of a free consultation where one of our orthodontists will give you their professional advice concerning the optimal treatment for you.

In our clinic we offer all types of orthodontic treatments and therefore are able guide you to an alternative treatment option if Invisalign turns out not to be an option for you. You can – in our care – trust us to offer you the most appropriate treatment that fits your needs.

The treatments process – 7 steps towards your perfect smile

You have made an important decision and it is imperative that you get off in the right direction. Therefore, you will begin your journey towards your perfect smile with a 60-minute free consultation with one of our orthodontists at our clinic in Copenhagen.

At this free consultation, we will make an effort to understand all your unique wishes and needs to make you feel at ease and acquainted with all aspects of the treatment process. You will also get a 3D-scan of your teeth which will be the foundation of planning a discrete orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. The consultation and 3D-scan are both free of charge.

Besides the 3D-scan, we also perform x-rays of your jaw and teeth as well as clinical photos of your face front and profile and teeth. These examinations will ensure that we have complete insight of your teeth and surrounding structures in the process of analyzing and planning your treatment.

With a complete 3D-scan of your teeth, our orthodontists will design a unique and appropriate treatment. From the 3D-scan a simulation video is made demonstrating the movement of your teeth at the beginning and towards your perfect smile.

Our professionals are all trained specialists in orthodontics from The University of Copenhagen. They have the necessary professional knowledge and experience to plan and supervise each individual step of the treatment plan and thereby preventing crucial deviations from the treatment goal.

The simulation of your treatment will be made available to you by email. You need only say GO! And enjoy the ride.

After the preliminary examinations and with the treatment plan determined, you are now ready to have your first Invisalign aligners installed. In terms of ensuring that your teeth move concurrently with the treatment plan, attachments are placed onto your teeth.

Attachments are small “buds” made of plastic which are placed directly onto your teeth. They support the Invisalign trays in moving your teeth. They are entirely painless, and the attachments are tooth-colored.

You are not left unattended with your new Invisalign trays. Depending on how many clear aligners trays you need, we will schedule regular check-ups of your treatment progress at our clinic in Copenhagen.

Regular check-ups over the entire course of your treatment are very important. At the check-ups we make sure that your teeth are moving in accordance with the treatment plan. This enables us to intervene immediately to get back on track in case deviations from the treatment plan is evident.

Therefore, the regular check-ups are a crucial part of your journey to a perfect smile in a secure manner.

Your clear aligner treatment has reached the end and you are finally able to enjoy your new and perfect smile. However, your teeth have the tendency to move with time. It is necessary to retain the new position of your teeth to prevent relapse.

This is achieved by fixation of a small metal wire on the backside of your teeth in the lower jaw and a clear retainer tray for the teeth in the upper jaw at night. Both are without pain or discomfort and the metal wire is not visible when you want to show of your new smile.

At this point you will be sure to wake up with the same beautiful smile every day for the rest of your life. You will finalize your way towards your perfect smile the same way it started with a 3D-scan and clinical photos of your teeth and face front and profile.

You have finally achieved the smile that has been in your dreams for long and we want to help you preserve it.

Even though you are able to smile happily every day thanks to your treatment with Invisalign, we are not ready to say our goodbyes just yet.

We say “see you later” and invite you to visit our clinic in Copenhagen for a check-up of your teeth one month, six months, and one year after finishing your treatment in order to be completely sure that your smile is here to stay.

What is the cost of the treatment with Invisalign?

The price for a treatment with Invisalign will depend on your specific treatment needs and thereby the amount of clear aligner trays needed.

When you visit our clinic in Copenhagen for a free consultation, we will provide you with an estimate of the total cost of your treatment with clear aligners. It will ensure you a complete overview of the full price of your treatment before you accept and initiate your treatment.

If the price is an issue for your economy, we can offer you a flexible installment plan for your treatment with Invisalign without additional interest and fees. Together we will find a solution for the monthly instalments.

Your economy should not be the reason for not achieving your perfect smile.

The cost of Invisalign reflects your needs for treatment

The cost of your treatment will depend entirely upon the impending work needed.

Therefore, the prices shown below are merely estimates. We will provide you with an exact price for your Invisalign treatment at our free consultation with one of our orthodontists.

Minimal needs

You have minimal misalignment of your teeth of a more aesthetic nature.

From 25.000 kr.
Mild needs

You have mild misalignment of your teeth of a more aesthetic nature.

From 30.000 kr.
Moderate needs

You have moderate misalignment of your teeth without problems with your bite.

From 38.000 kr.
Severe needs

You have severe misalignment of your teeth and mild problems with your bite.

From 48.000 kr.

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