Tooth coloured fixed appliances

Braces with more discretion

Pros of the aesthetic braces:

Aesthetic braces work exactly as regular metal braces. They are usually made of plastic or ceramics. The most important advantage of the braces is obvious and often provides the patients with the optimal psychological beginning on their journey towards the smile of their dreams.

Ceramic braces on your teeth resemble diamonds and at the same blends into the surroundings of your smile. They are very sturdy and often have no incorporated metal parts. Their orthodontic abilities are almost equal to those of the metal braces. They rarely absorb any colouring from foods or drinks. They are – unfortunately – prone to wear and breakage during normal function

Plastic braces are almost at the same level as the ceramic braces when it comes to aesthetics. They are often more “anonymous” and also have the abilities to blend in with the natural colouring of your teeth when smiling.

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