Fixed appliances

Are traditional braces the right choice for you in your situation? Explore this with our orthodontist.

Treatment with braces​
Treatment with braces​

What are fixed braces?

Fixed braces are small metal brackets glued/cemented on to your teeth. The metal brackets are connected with a metal wire of different thicknesses and characteristics. There may also be metal rings attached to your molar teeth.

How does it work?

The metal brackets are glued very strategically and precisely onto each tooth. When they are connected with a suitable metal wire, they will eventually line up in a straight line. When the teeth are nicely aligned in both the jaws, small elastics bands are often used to pull the teeth together to consolidate the teeth in both jaws for optimal function and aesthetics.

How does it feel?

Braces may feel rough and sharp on the surface when wearing them initially. Bear in mind that the inner surface of your mouth is only familiar to the smoothness of the surface of your teeth. It may therefore, take some time – getting use to, before your mucous membranes develop tougher “skin” which can tolerate the different surfaces of your braces. In the first couple of days of wearing braces, your teeth may be soar.

Treatment with braces​
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Braces can correct the position of your teeth precisely and straighten them. If the braces detach from a tooth, the tooth will tend to move back to its original position. This is a setback of the treatment.

As a rule of thumb; each time your braces loosen from the tooth, you may expect to add another additional month to the total treatment period. Another con of wearing braces is that they make it very difficult to keep a good oral hygiene. Food and bacteria will easily get stuck on and around the braces.

This means that you as a patient have to make an effort, using different technique and spend more time brushing your teeth than usual.

We will show you how to keep both your teeth and gums clean and healthy during the treatment and hopefully in the future too.

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