Invisible fixed appliances

Æstetisk design med keramisk bøjle

Placed behind your teeth – towards your tongue and the palate.

From an aesthetic point of view this is the ideal way of “hiding” your braces. The braces are barely visible even when opening your mouth widely. They are only produced in metal – in some occasions even in gold – and have almost the same efficiency and effectiveness as normal fixed braces. Positioning the braces in the space of the palate and tongue creates a very challenging environment for the speech and comfort – especially at the beginning of the treatment. This treatment technique demands a lot more of you as a patient not to mention a huge challenge for the specialist.

The cost of this type of treatment is thus more than twice as much compared to a treatment with regular metal braces.

Combining the different techniques and the different types of braces to meet your needs is a possibility without limits.

For example, you can apply metal braces behind your teeth in the upper jaw and regular metal braces or tooth coloured braces in the lower jaw.

It is noteworthy that most patients agree, that metal braces behind the teeth in the upper jaw is significantly more comfortable than metal braces behind the teeth in the lower jaw.

These discrete braces are recommended for the patient with a high demand for anonymity and discretion in their quest to achieve their dream smile.

Invisible braces – hidden braces

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