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Invisalign Treatment in Copenhagen

Invisalign or aligners

Aligners have gained great popularity in the past 10 years. The transparent plastic aligners move the teeth in a gentle and highly discrete manner.

The timespan depends on how and how far the teeth need to be moved. The teeth are gradually moved and corrected digitally, and a new clear aligner is produced for every step, resulting in a series of aligners.

Thus, it should be the dentist or the orthodontist and not the technician or the machines at the manufacturer who manages and dictates the treatment. 

It is therefore crucial always to remember that it requires know how and education to manage such a task – however simple the case may appear to be. Your orthodontist is trained for such a task.

The orthodontist has an overview and competence to calculate the risks and the limitations of your teeth and jaws abilities to be moved. Movements of teeth must be done within the vicinity of your bone and can therefore not be done without the support of the gums and bones in the jaws. It is far from every dentition within the jaws that has the tolerance for orthodontic tooth movements.

At Orthodontics CPH, we prioritize a high level of educated staff members for your disposal, to inform you of your limitations and possibilities. Moreover, we have in our possession, additional technical tools to combine another treatment technique with Invisalign/aligners. Treatments with aligners alone will show obvious limitations in reaching your goals for a great smile.

Our price for an Invisalign treatment is paradoxically very similar or even lower than that of a normal dental clinic without specialist training. The simple reason for this is that expenses are the same. As specialists, we have the knowledge to use an Invisalign/aligners optimally, beneficial for you and at the end of the day your long-term oral health.


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